WebBlooms is a full-service, affordable marketing studio, of freelance web designers with shared creativity.

WebBlooms started when I realized there were other business owners with the shared the same challenge. We wanted to balance work and family life, but the scales always seemed to tip one way or the other.

I had one burning question — how do you achieve your career goals while having a more fulfilling lifestyle?

I was uninterested in the bureaucracy that came with the job at typical marketing agencies. I was able to accomplish more in my side hustle at home. I also realized that the long commutes to work took away valuable time I could spend with her hubby.

I have friends with children who don’t see the point of paying a babysitter while earning money. They’d prefer to work from home with their children. 

I wanted to combine the best of both worlds in career and family.

I wanted to pursue a lifestyle of freedom and share this lifestyle with other female entrepreneurs as well. 

We embrace those who whose work revolves around their personal lives rather than the other way around. We’re passionate about building brands while helping others achieve the lifestyle of their dreams.

By passing on our low overhead savings, we’re making elevated design more accessible than ever to other entrepreneurs.

I believe that the simple life is a good life. Together, let’s cultivate your business and watch it bloom.

Kathy, Web + Graphic Designer

Kathy, contract web designer at WebBlooms, holds degrees in Art and Web Design and has crafted elevated websites and other design materials since 2010. Like her sister, she is passionate about all things marketing. She is following her dream of working from home so that she can spend as much time as possible with her two adorable boys, ages 1 and 4.

  • Coffee and wine waffler
  • Loving Wife & Mom of 2 energetic boys
  • Laura’s sister
  • Theme park enthusiast
  • Diplomatic & devoted wife
  • Sees perfect sunsets in west FL

Laura, Marketing Specialist

Laura, owner and lead freelance web designer, has a degree in Graphic Arts and the majority of her web skills are self-taught, thanks in part to the magic of Google. Her background includes over a decade in marketing of ample variety, with a focus on web design. She’s traded in most of her dressy work shoes for comfy slippers instead.

  • Coffee addict
  • Loving Wife & Mom of 2 cats
  • Walk-into-walls daydreamer
  • Recipe improviser
  • Creative brainstorming driver
  • Enjoys the sunrise in east FL

We’d like to get to know you and your business to see if your can help you achieve your dreams.