Marketing Collateral: Natural Health

Our Client

All Natural Family Doc is a startup company on a mission to spread the good news of natural health through their fun and interactive informational resources online. The self-proclaimed biohacker herself, Dr. Jessica, came to us with a rush job request for a brand new logo.

New Logo

The terms of the logo were simple and abstract, allowing for a tremendous amount of creative freedom: we only needed to incorporate green as well as a graphical way to represent her four pillars of medicine. Laura presented an abstract leaf design that also represented the four pillars. As a happy accident, the client interpreted the leaves as a lotus flower. We developed upon this concept while adding more distinction to the pillars. We explored several slightly different versions as well as color combinations before arriving at the perfect choice. Before hearing about us from a friend, Dr. Jessica had explored several other options; it felt good to know that we were the ones able to finally deliver the logo of her holistic medicine dreams.

Option 1

Logo Option 1

Option 2

Logo Option 2

Option 3

Logo Option 3

Chosen Logo

Chosen Logo

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