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The Peace Tree

The Peace Tree is a startup company that allows families to plan for the future by creating, sharing, and saving information with their loved ones in one secure place online. The client wanted a warm and friendly brand for their modern approach to family legacies.

Our Approach

Brand Identity & Website Design

We created a colorful, friendly logo that incorporated traditional heirloom elements in a fresh way. The concept of the site is explained through the use of easy-to-understand, visually appealing icons. Silhouettes, soft colors and curved lines add to the deliberately soothing feel of the site. Through close communication, we crafted a brand that exceeded the client expectations and has contributed to the groundbreaking success of this startup.

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Peace Tree is an example of a past project completed by one of our team members in an agency setting, where team member was responsible for project from beginning to end and received minimal to no help from other team members.